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Top 3 concert tours to inspire your music students

Last updated: Aug 22nd, 2019


The end of term feeling is fast approaching and with it comes the inevitable waning of students’ concentration as the allure of that almighty six weeks holiday takes hold.

At times like these, teachers are always looking to give their students motivation and a little incentive to keep up the work pace until the end of term and come back refreshed and enthused in September. What better incentive than the possibility of going on a concert tour?

Now is the perfect time to enquire for your 2018 concert tour and whilst you’re relaxing over the summer holiday, we’ll start putting your tour plans in place so that when September comes, you’re all set up and ready to launch your tour to your students!

Take a look at our top three tours for youth ensembles in 2018…

1. Paris

Your students will be mesmerised by the enchanting city of Paris. Where mornings can be spent ascending the iconic Eiffel Tower, experiencing the atmospheric Champs-Élysées and discovering the wonders within the famous Louvre and afternoons can be spent performing in the city’s beautiful parks and gardens or its stunning Cathedrals (including the Notre Dame!), there is no doubt your students will be in awe as they discover the delights of ‘the City of Lights!’

And we haven’t even got to the best bit yet…Your group can perform at Disneyland Paris!

A performance here gives groups the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Disneyland and experience the glitz and glamour of the magical Videopolis stage! You will be treated like professionals by the Disney Performing Arts Staff who will offer excellent technical support to help take your performance to ‘infinity and beyond!’.

Ever fancied taking part in the Disney® Parade? Marching bands can do just that!

‘The Disney experience was incredible. They were so welcoming and so professional and welcomed us back at any time. It should be mentioned how appreciative the audience are at these events. We had huge groups watch the entire hour long performance of our concerts and received amazing comments.’

Mark Rolfe


If you want to give your students an even bigger European experience, our ‘Four Countries’ tour could be the perfect option. With the opportunity to travel and perform in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, your students will gain an insight into different cultures and traditions as they journey from one country to the other. One day you’ll find yourself in the beautiful, canal-lined streets of Bruges and the next, you could be performing in Holland’s most popular theme park!

This tour is a great introduction to international travel and ideal if you’re in two minds about where to go!

3. Catalonia

Sun, sea, sand, city and exciting performance possibilities – we guarantee it’ll be an all-round ‘yes!’ from your young musicians!4

Your group can enjoy time on the beautiful Costa Brava beaches and perform in lively venues in Tossa de Mar, as well as exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona and making the most of the performance opportunities in Catalonia’s capital city (including Barcelona Cathedral!).

See more of our destinations perfect for youth ensembles over on our website or call the Rayburn Tours Concert Team on 01332 347 828!