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Studying Changing Places

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

With the topic of Changing Places being a key focus of the A Level curriculum, our Geography Tours Development Manager, Cath Rule, takes a look at how a Geography Trip with Rayburn Tours can support this particular aspect of the syllabus.

Changing Places may be one area of the new A Level curriculum that is less familiar, and as such a bit daunting, for teachers. Maybe we can help to make things a little easier.

With the requirement for students to study a contrasting place, why not consider taking your group to visit one of our geography destinations where they can explore geographical ideas and understand the concept of place through first-hand experience.

By experiencing a place for themselves, students will be able distinguish between perception of place and sense of place and realise that people see, experience and understand place in different ways. They will be able to appreciate the human and physical characteristics that contribute to the character of a place, understand that places are influenced by changing flows and connections and develop an awareness that places are dynamic and constantly changing.

Exploring the streets of Reykjavik on foot will bring an appreciation of what makes the city unique and the importance of the meanings and representations attached to the city. Experiencing both urban Marrakech and remote, rural settlements in Morocco, will uncover the connections and linkages which come together to define the characteristics of a place. The mesmerising lights of the Las Vegas strip are a familiar representation of the city but is this a realistic portrayal? What relationship exists between people, the economy, society and the environment in this glitzy metropolis?”

Cath Rule, Geography Tours Development Manager

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