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New School Geography Trips to Tenerife

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Introducing Tenerife; a Geographer’s playground

An island of rocky shores, volcanic terrain and geographical drama, Tenerife is every geographer’s utopia and we’re excited to offer geography students the opportunity to enhance their studies with a visit to this inspiring island.

Tenerife’s reputation as a popular beach resort is just one small part of it; beyond that, there is a captivating world of geographical wonders. Offering geographers the opportunity to discover nature at its most diverse and fascinating, days in Tenerife unfold in an exciting burst of volcano visits, cave exploration and incredible mountain trail hikes.

A staggering 48% of Tenerife is protected natural area, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers and geography enthusiasts. With the UNESCO National Park of Teide in the centre of the island and Teno National Park in the north, students can summit the stunning Mount Teide and marvel at the impressive stretches of surrounding landscape, before exploring the island’s ecological diversity, ranging from leafy laurel forests to cactus-studded scenery.

Taking the role of spectator for a day, students can marvel at the wildlife of the island on a whale-watching excursion or venture into Teide National Park at night for an unforgettable stargazing expedition.

As well as studying the island’s geographical gems, students can soak up the Spanish way of life with visits to traditional villages and towns, learning about the island’s vibrant culture as well as its stunning geography.

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