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Comparing Classical Italy

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi once said:

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy”

So what makes Italy so great? On a classics trip to Italy, you will discover some of the most interesting civilisations and ancient sites – helping you to truly fall in love with this historical and intriguing country.

However, having multiple options of locations to visit can sometimes make the decision of choosing where to go a difficult task. We’re here to help you choose a destination that best suits you and your students’ needs.


A city steeped in over 3,000 years of history, intrigue and drama, Rome is the ideal place for students to learn about the society and culture of the Roman Empire. Spend a day at the centre of the development of Rome or pick up some weaponry and become a real Roman soldier at the gladiator training school.

If you’re looking to study the history of the rise of the Roman Empire that has helped to shape Italy’s society and culture, then Rome is the choice for you.

Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples is the perfect option if you’re looking to learn about both Greek and Roman history. Surrounded by the ruins of some incredible architectural sites, your students will certainly begin to understand how buildings and street planning complemented other social aspects of Roman culture.

From the Mount Vesuvius disaster in Pompeii to the vast Greek temples in Paestum, there are plenty of excursions to help demonstrate what structured Italy’s culture.


With a mixture of both Greek and Roman civilisation, Sicily is a great place to learn abut how the two different cultures have influenced the island.

What once was the most powerful Greek city in the world is now a city home to some of the largest and best preserved ancient Greek buildings. Venture to little Sicily to understand how the Greek culture immersed itself into the Italian peninsula.


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