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The Albion Foundation Q&A

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Our Professional Coaching options let your team train like the professionals at some of the best sports facilities in the world! Let us take you behind the scenes of some of the world’s leading clubs, with top facilities and impressive set-ups, where our sessions are designed to be insightful, educational and include a physical training element.

With a host of exciting sport club programmes in the UK, you don’t have to travel far for an epic sports tour. If you’re after professional coaching at a low cost, staying on home turf is the way to go!


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To help celebrate the launch of our new UK Professional Coaching options, we spoke with Rob Lake and Adrian Dove from The Albion Foundation, to find out a little more about the West Bromwich Albion Foundation…

Please could you tell us a bit about the Albion Foundation and its work within the community?Rob Lake, The Albion Foundation Director: “The Albion Foundation uses the power of football to make a measurable, positive difference, raising aspirations, growing and fulfilling potential in local people of all ages, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on growing our own staff to live by our core values, be happy in their work and be proud to deliver the highest quality provision in three key areas of Education, Engagement, Sport Development and Disability Sport.”

Would our teams have the possibility of meeting some first team stars?
Adrian Dove, The Albion Foundation Football Development Officer: “Subject to availability. Players have been met by previous groups on ground tours, so it’s something that can (and does) happen but obviously we cannot guarantee it.”

Why would you recommend the Albion foundation professional coaching to a football team and what are the benefits to a football team?
Adrian: “I think the main thing is the exit routes & links within the academy that the Albion Foundation has, showing that we know what we are doing. You will be playing tournaments and matches at a professional facility so that alone is a great opportunity.

“It’s also a great way of showcasing the family-based football club we are. If you are wanting a professional coaching option within the Midlands, we feel we are the foundation for you.”

Finally, what’s been a highlight story from football teams visiting the Albion foundation?
Adrian: “For me, the highlights have always been the annual bookings we take. One group from Devon have been attending one fixture for the past 4 seasons – obviously because they are having such a great day and experience with us!”