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Which Lake will you choose?

Last updated: May 3rd, 2023

Italy or Switzerland

Encompassing the perfect mixture of scenery and spectacular venues, these two stunning locations promise fantastic performance opportunities for groups. Offering a range of venues and excursions perfect for all types of youth and adult ensembles these lakes tick all the boxes!

  • Lake Garda

    With long, hot summers, the location lends itself perfectly to instrumental performances in scenic hilltop towns or historic lakeside piazzas. Equally, choirs are able to perform in some truly lovely venues, from quaint parish churches to the splendour of Verona’s churches.

    Lake Garda

  • Chiesa di Sant’Anastasia, Verona

    The Gothic church in the centre of Verona took 200 years to complete and is now the largest church in the city. Visiting groups will receive a warm welcome from the congregation and are sure to appreciate the experience of performing in this beautiful, ancient place of worship.

  • Piazzetta dei Catari, Sirmione

    Situated on the lakeside in the charming peninsula resort of Sirmione, Piazzette dei Catari is a lovely venue that hosts a series of outdoor concerts during the summer months. Performances are attended by tourists and locals who come to enjoy the stunning scenery, ‘al fresco’ dining and live music.

  • Piazza della Chiesa, Levico Terme

    In this pretty venue, welcoming audiences gather on the wide steps leading up to the hill and the entrance of the Church of the Redeemer. Concerts here are particularly atmospheric and ensembles are certain to enjoy the unique ambiance of this performance setting.

  • Lake Geneva

    With an array of fantastic outdoor performance venues in quaint village squares and lakeside locations with a great local audience, not to mention the variety of excursions to choose from – there’s something to experience for every type of group.

    Lake Geneva

  • Musical Fountain on Square Henri Buet, Evian-les-Bains

    Located overlooking the lake in Evian-les-Bains, this is a charming venue neighboured by a promenade café and outdoor seating area. Bands and orchestras can perform on the lakeside and enjoy the musical fountain show after their performance!

  • Place Balmat, Chamonix

    Concerts in the town of Chamonix often take place as part of one of the many events and street fairs arranged by the town, helping to ensure an enthusiastic audience. Concerts can either be held in the main square of Place Balmat or on one of the other squares in Chamonix.

  • Salle Paderewski, Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne

    Located in the central area of Lausanne, Salle Paderewski is a grand venue and a fantastic option for orchestras and bands. The concerts here are part of the city-wide Lausanne Estivale summer concert series, meaning a well-attended concert is likely.