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Let’s Link Up

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Following a fantastic training session ran in partnership by D2N2 Growth Hub and Nottingham-based digital marketing agency, Hallam, on the power of the backlink and the many other tools of Digital Marketing, I was left bursting with fresh ideas and a fierce desire to get started on new and exciting plans for the future. 

Rather than regurgitate the 100 and something slides and the mountains of knowledge that was shared on the day, I thought I’d use this session and its outcomes to detail the biggest challenge any marketer/business owner faces upon leaving such a session; pumped up and bursting with ideas, and that imaginary shopping cart bulging with new free tools destined to make the task ahead so much easier, the question is… where to start?

It’s a heady mix and if we’re not careful, our eagerness can force us to repeat the old age mistake of “running before we can walk”.

Nicola Astle

Marketing Manager

I decided my starting point would be to focus on the simple steps that we might all like to take in the week following the session, enabling us to reap the greatest rewards – after all we’ve got to make this happen!


7 Days and 7 ”To-Do’s”

  • 1. Firstly, and most importantly, I’m not going to get side-tracked by dabbling with the “exciting cool tools%22.

  • 2. I’m going to write this blog and secure my D2N2 backlink.

  • 3. I’m going to share the knowledge gathered with my team.

  • 4. I’m going to use the GROW model to outline and document our current position:



    Options (or Obstacles)

    Will (Wrap up or Way Forward)

  • 5. I’m going to run two sessions to gather the input of stakeholders/anyone that matters.

    First session: Which sites do we have an opportunity or desire to target?

    Second session: What content, ideas and format would best suit these target sites?

    I’m going to gather ideas by getting everyone in a room to stick post-it notes on the walls. People find it so much easier to voice an idea or opinion this way; avoid the silent room scenario and let the post-it note do the talking!

  • 6. Assess PR content that we’ve already created that can be re-purposed and re-targeted.

  • 7. Document a project plan and get playing with the exciting new tools – AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Why I would recommend this training session from D2N2 to other SME’s

1. Fit the criteria and the training is free!
2. Those running the session demonstrate a genuine desire to see all our businesses grow.
3. The trainer was great – no matter what your level of knowledge, or size of your business, I have no doubt you will learn something new.
4. Actions points were practical and achievable.
5. Following this we will all be much more effective in outreaching relevant digital PR content, that will positively influence our varied backlink profiles.
6. Ultimately our search engine visibility will improve.