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The Lava Centre – a must when in Iceland!

Last updated: May 16th, 2019

Vanessa Reynolds

Tour Co-ordinator

The Lava Centre

From the outside the building doesn’t look much, but when you go inside it’s like a Tardis! First you watch a short film which gives you an insight to how the volcano’s erupted in the past and how it impacts on the people of Iceland, just in the reception area you can click on interviews of life stories of people. The rest of the centre is very interactive with different exhibitions showing volcano activity and earthquakes and showing you how Iceland was created millions of years ago. My favourite part was learning about the different types of eruptions and walking down the corridor that shakes to a 3.5 Richter scale, half to the actual 2000 Hekla eruption but the sound was the real thing! The Lava Centre also has a souvenir shop, restaurant and coffee shop.

This really was an unexpected highlight of our trip and would recommend this as a must see when visiting Iceland!

  • An overview of the lava centre