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Sprinkle some Disney magic onto your next ski trip!

Nov 01, 2018

How would you like to lead a trip that encompasses world-class skiing with a stopover at Disneyland Paris? Well, with Rayburn Tours you can! Introducing our latest ski add-on option…

How does the Disney add-on work?

1. Head out on a 4-6 day ski adventure in the Alps or Pyrenees

2. On the way back, drive overnight and arrive in Paris for the opening of the Disney Park where you’ll have breakfast and spend the full day, whilst your drivers get some well-earned rest in a local hotel

3. Eat at Planet Hollywood, watch the fireworks display in the evening then head home by coach or stay overnight at a local hotel

4. Depart from Paris and return home

The Disney add-on is available at the following resorts: