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The story of a first-time skier

Last updated: Sep 8th, 2020

Back in February Half Term, Rayburn Tours and Venture Abroad’s Jacqui signed herself up as a ski rep, taking to the slopes for the very first time.

We chat to Jacqui about her trip to the Italian alpine resort of Tarvisio!


A pretty mountain town

Not being the sportiest of people I wasn’t sure what I’d signed myself up for repping in Tarvisio – a pretty town on the crossroads of Slovenia and Austria. But, with the promise of spectacular views and the Italian hospitality, I dived in wholeheartedly. Purchasing various furry ear muffs and matching my thermals in bright colours, I arrived in Tarvisio looking like a piste princess!


“I slipped and slid like Bambi on ice”

Taking my first steps out on the slopes on the first day, the slippy snow crunching under my feet and the sun coming up from behind the mountains just warming up the chilly atmosphere, it happened… I slipped and slid like Bambi on ice!  I looked around embarrassed someone had seen, but it didn’t matter everyone was doing their own thing and probably saw it all the time.

This was the same over the next few days. I didn’t know much Italian or any skiing terms but everyone was so friendly and welcoming.


Magnificent views from Monte Lussari

I took the gondola to the little hamlet at the top of Monte Lussari – the famous sanctuary of the three peoples – were I looked out at the magnificent views which looked like they’d jumped right off a picture-perfect postcard. I basked in the scenery, enjoying a hot chocolate amongst the clouds. Not being a skier didn’t matter up there!


Trying out the après

On the last few days I experienced some of the other things you can do other than ski. With a quick hop over the border to Austria for an evening après at a thermal spa and waterpark. With disco slides and authentic European saunas and pools, it was so relaxing. On the final night we took a trip to the high-adrenaline Alpine Coaster on the edge of the slopes. The ride takes you on a slow anticipated rise and then you fly down the track, the cool air hitting your face, and everyone comes out the end of the tunnel with a giddy thrilling smile… even the adults!


At home amongst the mountains and snow

All in all, Tarvisio was brilliant and I’ve come away knowing so much more about skiing and the Italian culture. I really felt at home amongst the stunning mountains and snow.


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Written by Jacqui