The Vitality Netball Superleague Predictor – Round 14

Apr 12, 2019

The Vitality Netball Superleague is well and truly heating up and with games being screened on Sky Sports the hype is bigger than ever. With that in mind, we have asked some of our netball fans in the office to predict the winners for each game this weekend.

Tune in this weekend for some of the action, in the meantime, check out our predictions below and let us know yours in the comments.

The Vitality Netball Superleague is back…and we love it!





Team Bath V Loughborough Lightning Loughborough Lightning

Loughborough Lightning

Loughborough Lightning

Team Bath

Celtic Dragons V Strathclyde Sirens Celtic Dragons

Strathclyde Sirens

Celtic Dragons

Celtic Dragons

Manchester Thunder V Severn Stars Manchester Thunder

Manchester Thunder

Severn Stars

Manchester Thunder

Surrey Storm V London Pulse Surrey Storm Surrey Storm London Pulse

Surrey Storm

Saracens Mavericks V Wasps Netball Wasps Netball

Wasps Netball

Saracens Mavericks

Wasps Netball

We’ll update the score board on Monday, but feel free to submit your predictions in the comments section below and see how you get on compared to our team’s predictions!


Caroline: 2
Gemma: 2
Rich: 4
Andy: 3



1ST –  Rich 48 points
2ND – Andy 46 points
3RD – Gemma 39 points
4TH – Caroline 36 points