Are you a parent getting in touch about your child’s trip?

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2019

Are you a parent? Do you have a question or query about your child’s trip with Rayburn Tours? If the answer is ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then read on.

To protect our clients and offer excellent customer service, it is our policy to work directly with the school trip organiser, which means we are unable to correspond with parents directly. Instead, we ask that you get in touch with the school trip organiser who can liaise with us on your behalf.


The reasons for this:

  • Trip Booking – The trip booking is between Rayburn Tours and the trip organiser/school. We have a responsibility to keep the trip organiser involved in any correspondence and the easiest way to do this is for parents to liaise with us through them.


  • Safeguarding – We hold personal data on children which we are unable to share for safeguarding reasons.


  • General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR regulations mean that we are have a responsibility to protect personal data.


“The best thing you can do is speak with the party leader who can liaise with us.”

Kelly Wigley

Head of Operations & Customer Relations