Top tips for launching a trip

Last updated: May 13th, 2019

Raising interest for a trip can be a real challenge. You put in all the hard work of getting the trip approved, gathering quotes and choosing a tour operator, only to find that only 6 pupils will attend – nightmare!

We’ve found that the launch can be the pivotal part of the process of getting a school trip off the ground, so we’ve put together a few top tips that can help you ensure the trip sells out…


1. Speak to other staff

Has the school run a similar trip before? If so, how did it go? What did the pupils really love about the trip? Make sure you ask your Tour Co-ordinator to include this in your next trip. We find that adding some time at a shopping mall or theme park really peaks interest.

2. Create a buzz

Get the school talking – tell your students about the trip! In lessons, in assemblies, at break time! Tell them how excited you are to visit a new country or see something new. Do your best to get a buzz around the school before you’ve even launched… once the trip has been approved, of course!

3. Deadlines matter

Set a realistic deadline – think about when the parents will be able to pay the deposit you’ll need to book the trip. It’s important to consider if there’s a payday before the money is due. Be careful not to give too much time though, creating urgency around booking onto the trip and securing a place can be a big help in getting the trip sold out quickly.

4. The launch

Rather than sending out a letter that gets left in the bottom of a school bag, or simply forgotten, get talking to the parents! Hold a launch evening where parents can come and hear what the trip is all about, see how enthusiastic you are about it, and most importantly, find answers to the questions that may otherwise prevent them from signing up.

You can also use the launch evening to gauge interest; a simple show of hands give you a good idea of how successful you’ll be. It’s not uncommon to have a number of parents wait behind to sign up to the trip there and then, on the spot.


How can Rayburn help?

Let us take the burden of preparing your launch with our ‘Party Leader Launch Pack’ which contains a custom launch letter, posters to put up around the school and a PowerPoint to use when launching – giving you everything you need to market the trip successfully.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We understand that no matter how good a job we do from the office, nothing beats coming out and meeting you and the parents to help the tour succeed. That’s why we’re happy to come and help at your launch evening, answering any difficult questions you may face, and giving the parents a chance to meet us face to face to really utilise our knowledge and expertise.