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¡Qué Extraño! 3 spectacular Spanish festivals you’ve never heard of!

Last updated: May 20th, 2019

There are many things that undeniably define a country, and Spain has more than its fair share! From the country’s cooking to its history, there’s a long list of iconic features embedded into the nation’s DNA, in particularly the country’s famous fiestas.

However, there’s more to Spain than just the regular celebrations under the sun… read on to find out more about all the random and exciting fiestas throughout the Spanish summer.


The Snail Festival

Slowly (no pun intended) spread over three days, Aplec Del Caragol (The Snail Festival) is created for all you nature lovers around the world… or snail lovers?! The festival consists of cooking and eating snails, and is so popular that over 12 tonnes of snails are eaten in these 3 days. Fans of snails should definitely visit this quirky festival and raise the shell!

The Baby Jumping Festival

Ever in the mood to witness a man dressed as a devil jump over newborn babies? Well, the El Colacho (The Baby Jumping Festival), believe it or not, has been taking place since 1620. The objective is to bless the newborn babies, removing their original sin and protecting them from illness. Purified by the devil? That’s something new! It’s got the cute factor, the danger factor and the weird factor!

Las Jarramplas

One of the most obscure festivals throughout Spain is perhaps Las Jarramplas. No one really knows why this is a thing, but that’s the beauty of it. The key moment of the festival is the throwing of turnips at a man dressed as a colourful horned demon. It’s believed this festival can really beat the devil out the masked man.