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Federer v Nadal – Who will reign victorious?

Last updated: Jul 12th, 2019

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will come together in the Wimbledon semi-final in their first meeting since the 2008 final.

Between them they have 10 Wimbledon titles, but who will reign victorious?

Nadal will be extremely confident, following his win against Roger in the French Open last month. However, Federer has been playing some incredible tennis after a slow start at the All English Club.

It will play in Federer’s favour that Nadal hasn’t reached a Wimbledon semi-final in eight years. He also has unfinished business after losing to Nadal in the 7 hour thriller all those years ago.

At 33 (Nadal) and 37 (Federer) years old, neither of them are the spring chickens who faced each other back in 2008. Despite that, they still remain incredibly strong competitors within the game, showing no signs of slowing down.

Federer’s ability to glide through matches will face a stark contrast in Nadal’s aggressive approach. Both players will go down in history as icons of the sport, but today’s clash will have a different meaning after their previous meeting in the tournament.

It’s an incredible shame that they won’t meet in the final once more, but I think we will settle for a semi-final on a Friday afternoon, don’t you agree?