Eastbourne Silver Band’s Belgian ballad

Last updated: Jul 29th, 2019

Earlier this year Eastbourne Silver Band left the UK’s southeast shores behind them and headed to Belgium on an international concert tour to remember. Band member, Keith, recounts tales and adventures from their trip in a unique way… in the form of a poem!

The band has woken to a day
That’s going to be warm,
The early mist was swept away
With the coming of the dawn.

Yesterday we had some beers
And, one or two, a gin,
For those that sat out in the sun
They’ve also got red skin.

If today will be a warm one
When we’re playing in DePanne,
I think we will be coming home 
With a very healthy tan.

Today we’re going to Ostende
We’re playing in the square,
We’ll try to get some photos 
As we know you won’t be there.

We took a look on Google
To see where we will play,
And as the sun is shining
It should be a lovely day.

But now we are all wondering,
we have a certain doubt,
As the day will be warm
Will our Belgian chocolates melt?

We’ve had our trip to Belgium,
We had a tour around.
We played our best,
With lots of zest,
Did not let Eastbourne down.

Now we’re safely back again
And you will hear us soon.
We’re playing on 
The Eastbourne prom
In the evening, twelfth of June.

We say ‘thank you’ to Marcus
For sorting out the bash.
And also to Jenny,
Who managed each penny,
And sorted out the cash.

The final thanks must go to those
That brought us safe to shores.
Without a moan,
Or slightest groan,
Gary and Rayburn Tours.

They got us safely there and back
And did just what they vowed.
They took great care,
Whilst we were there,
Rayburn, you did us proud!



“Fabulous musical tour that everyone in the band, young and old, enjoyed.”

Marcus Plant

Eastbourne Silver Band


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