Hópbílar become Iceland’s first coach provider to offset carbon emissions

Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2020

Rayburn Tours are proud to be working alongside Icelandic coach provider Hópbílar, who are currently the only company of their kind in Iceland to be offsetting the carbon emissions of their fleet.


What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting essentially means taking measures to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to counteract the emissions created by carbon-producing activities, such as manufacturing, transport, farming and burning fossil fuels.


For Hópbílar, carbon offsetting is facilitated by the work of the Kolvidur Iceland Carbon Fund, whose mission is to plant 18,600 trees annually. By supporting this scheme, the worldwide battle against global warming becomes increasingly stronger.


How does planting trees help reduce carbon dioxide levels?

Trees rely on carbon dioxide to survive, so after absorbing it from the atmosphere and storing it for future growth, they are able to release oxygen, resulting in a healthier environment for us humans!


Partnering with the Kolvidur Iceland Carbon Fund isn’t the only way Hópbílar are tackling environmental issues. Back in 2003, they were part of a group of companies to implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard. By doing this, they have a commitment to working under specific policies designed to manage their environmental impact.


A great big thank you to Hópbílar for taking steps towards the protection of our planet!


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