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Hey there teachers, here’s how we can tailor your school trip to the curriculum

Last updated: Jan 31st, 2020

Planning a school history trip just got a whole lot easier for teachers! We’ve been working hard behind to scenes to bring you a selection of specialist itineraries dedicated to specific areas of the history curriculum.

Built on top of our all-encompassing history trips, the six new travel itineraries cover Berlin, Belgium and London, with curricular themes including: First World War Literature, the Nazis and the Holocaust, the Impact of the Cold War, Crime and Punishment in Whitechapel and more.

Designed to home in on key topics, the itineraries have been carefully crafted to show how a trip can be tailored to any school’s curricular focus. Our team of subject specialists are experts at creating educational experiences that can pinpoint a particular theme – showcasing the flexibility of a destination and its learning outcomes.

For example, schools who are studying First World War Medicine & Surgery can head to Ypres and walk through the Bayernwald Trenches where soldiers would have initially been treated; view an original Ford T ambulance and weaponry at the Hooge Crater Museum; and understand the magnitude of lives lost at the Menin Gate.

The benefits of the focused itineraries for the students are that they get the most out of the trip because it’s kept very relevant to the subject that they’re studying

Tracey Nichols

Product Manager

Altogether, these new itineraries provide a snapshot of what a curricular-themed school trip could look like, with examples of sites that are relevant to and support that theme. But more so, they show how a trip can be tailored to any area of the curriculum – giving teachers the ability to give their trip a real focus, and for students to delve deep into their subject.

Just some of the curricular themes that can be covered

Something caught your eye?

If something’s peaked your interest or you’ve got another curricular theme in mind, have a chat with us to see how we can tailor your tour to the curriculum. Simply call us on 01332 347 828 or send us a message – whatever suits you.