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The Six Nations may be coming to an end, but it could be the beginning of your own tournament…

Last updated: Feb 25th, 2020

We can’t believe it – we’re over half way through the 2020 Men’s and Women’s Six Nations. And this year’s tournaments have proven to be as fierce as ever. From France’s first win over Wales in 10 years in the men’s game, to England’s recent well-drilled defence against Ireland in the women’s (keeping the grand slam firmly in sight), it’s been an impressive month.

With heaps of tactful tries and brilliant interceptions gracing our screens every weekend, we can’t help but feel inspired. And whilst the weather right now isn’t the best for a friendly outside, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own mini Six Nations with your rugby team!


Create your own Six Nations

Here’s what a rugby tour can give your team:

  • Well-matched, competitive fixtures against local teams
  • Unbeatable excursions to the top European attractions
  • High standard accommodation options with great sports facilities
  • Professional coaching in some of the best sporting facilities in the world


Our top ‘Six Nations worthy’ European destinations


United Kingdom (London)

Train on Saracens’ home turf with a professional coaching session (see below!), before going head-to-head with local opposition. Where the level of rugby’s high but the cost is low, London is a great UK destination for teams who want to spend more time playing and less time travelling.

Professional coaching at Saracens RFC

Train with professional coaches at Saracens RFC and refine your skills beside the very best. A professional coaching opportunity here also lets your group access the pitch as the first team enter the arena. To top it off, there’s even the opportunity for a meet and greet with a first team player (subject to availability).

What’s included?

  • Training sessions with Saracens
  • Match tickets (subject to schedule)

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United Kingdom (The Midlands)

Stay local and take your team to the Midlands, where a professional coaching session at Leicester Tigers will prepare you for some rough and ready rugby. Combine your tour with the activities at Mount Cook Adventure Centre and a full day at Alton Towers to experience the Midlands to the max.

Professional coaching at Leicester Tigers

Our professional coaching option at Leicester Tigers will see you take part in a training session organised by the Tigers Community or Academy Coaches, before you take your seat for an all-action home game! Enjoy access to top quality sporting facilities that’ll help unlock your full potential.

What’s included?

  • Training sessions with Saracens
  • Match tickets (subject to schedule)

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As one of the country’s most popular sports, you can experience rugby at its best in Paris. With strong links with most rugby clubs in and around the capital, you’ll be in the best position to enjoy fixtures against teams of the same level. Topped off with some typical Parisian culture.

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Since joining the Six Nations back in 2000, Italy’s proved itself as a worthy competitor time and time again. Follow in the footsteps of Italy’s greats and head to Lake Garda for some fierce competition. Stay in hotels with on-site fitness and training facilities, where you can prepare like the professionals in the run-up to your fixtures.

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Where rugby’s on the rise, Germany is your go-to for some challenging opposition. Popular amongst the youth game, you’ll face local clubs in Cologne where you can expect some great post-match hospitality and cultural sightseeing to match.

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A growing sport in Spain, opposition is always eager to play against touring teams. Based on the sunny Costa Brava coastline, you’ll be in the best location to go head-to-head with local rugby clubs. And for something a little different, a trip over the border to Perpignan gives you the chance to play against a French club!

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The Netherlands

With a strong grassroots development programme, the Dutch game is definitely on the rise, and with over 100 clubs in this relatively small country, you won’t be short of opposition. We base our touring teams in the west of the country around Amsterdam where there’s a concentration of rugby clubs with strong teams in both the girls’ and boys’ game.

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We’ve shown you Europe, but here’s where else you could go…


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