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Top 5 sporting podcasts to get you through lockdown!

Last updated: Apr 23rd, 2020

Sick of the radio playing the same songs over and over again? Listened to your favourite album one too many times? Then why not tune in to some of the best, and humorous, sporting podcasts?

There’s hundreds out there to choose from, but here are just some of our Sport team’s favourites!

That Peter Crouch Podcast

A great listen for all football fans, extremely funny and great insight from Crouchy. Not listened before? Then you’ve got three series worth of episodes to help you pass the time.

5 live boxing with Costello & Bunce

Fantastic listen for any fans of the fight game with insight from two of the best boxing reporters in the game. Weekly updates on the current boxing news, as well as looking back at some of the most iconic fights in history.


The self-proclaimed ‘loosely based cricketing podcast’ will have cricket fans hooked by the Tailenders universe they’ve created. Hosted by Radio 1’s Greg James, Felix White from The Maccabees and England’s greatest ever bowler Jimmy Anderson, this has the perfect mix of cricket, music and comedy. Go back to the very beginning and immerse yourself into the world of Tailenders – Go Well!

At Home with Colin Murray

A fantastic listen for any sport enthusiasts as presenter Colin Murray travels to the homes of guests from a wide range of sports. The more relaxed approach allows Colin to ask questions and get answers that you wouldn’t usually hear. With three series to get through, what better way to learn about some of the stars of sport that you may not be familiar with.

Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy

Although not a current podcast, if you’ve exhausted all the other podcasts then tune in to this absolute classic for sports fans. Three athletes who each played their sport at the highest level, give a fantastic insight into what it takes to succeed in sport, as well as discussing a wide range of other topics. Listening to the entire collection of these podcasts will certainly keep you entertained for the next few weeks.


What are you listening to? Any other recommendations, share them with us on Twitter.

Happy listening!