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Our new UK trips have landed! (Because staying local is the new going abroad)

Last updated: Oct 1st, 2020

Say hello to our new UK school trips and UK music tours for youth and adult groups!

UK trips aren’t anything new to us – we’ve been offering them for years alongside all of our international destinations! But because we know some groups aren’t quite ready to start thinking about travelling internationally in 2021, we’ve spent the last 6 months enhancing our UK portfolio to make them even more exciting, educational and great value for money – all backed by Rayburn’s Covid Guarantee.

Spanning the length and breadth of the country, our new UK trips cover almost all areas of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; with school subjects including: Geography, History, Business Studies & Economics and lots more – as well as cultural trips and Music Tours for school, youth and adult groups.


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View UK Music Tours for Youth & School Groups
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The perks of travelling within the UK
  • You’re never too far from home
  • There’s just as much to see and do in the UK as there is internationally
  • More budget-friendly
  • It’s the perfect stepping stone to an international trip
  • Helps rebuild confidence in travel again


The perfect stepping stone to an international trip

Giving students the chance to travel but still stay close to home, as well as take advantage of the learning opportunities in their local area, UK trips are expected to grow in popularity for 2021.

For many, they’re a stepping stone to an international trip, as well as a great ‘in between alternative’ for schools who’d normally travel abroad each year.

Even more, it’s the first step to rebuilding confidence in travel for schools, students and parents. Should anything not go to plan during a trip, parents will often feel more reassured knowing their child is still on home soil.

Rayburn Covid Guarantee

Groups can also book with confidence with our Covid Guarantee – which provides unrivalled, extra flexible cancellation policies and added reassurance.

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Give students something to look forward to

Offering just as much value as an international trip, we think these UK travel opportunities are the perfect pick-me-up for schools who are hankering to get away. Because that’s what we all work towards, right? A holiday. A trip away. A change of scenery. Ultimately, a chance to explore somewhere new.



Go on, have a nosey

UK Educational Trips for Schools
UK Music Tours for Youth & School Groups  |  UK Music Tours for Adult Groups