18 modern day horrors this Halloween

Last updated: Oct 30th, 2020

Cast aside the scary masks, fake blood and freakishly convincing Halloween make up tutorials – there’s something spookier lurking in the shadows. From ‘no internet’ nightmares to ‘cash only’ chills, here are 18 modern day horrors that are always breathing down your neck…


1.  Battery low


2.  Card machine out of use


3.  Unexpected item in bagging area


4.  Adverts without a skip button


5.  Buffering


6.  Data usage warning


7.  When you forget your password, enter a new one and get ‘new password can’t be the same as old password’


8.  Storage full



9.  Train delayed


10.  When the Google dinosaur appears on screen


11.  Unknown caller


12.  When you screenshot a WhatsApp conversation and almost send it to the same person


13.  When there’s only a phone number and no email address


14.  Not being able to fast forward live TV


15.  Spoilers


16.  When you’re scrolling through Instagram at work, accidentally click a video and the sound comes on


17.  When you haven’t connected your headphones properly and the whole train can hear you watching the Bake Off


18.  When the person whose Netflix account you’re sponging off changes their password



Got any more to add to the list?

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