Why we’ll see unprecedented demand for ski trips in 2022

Last updated: Mar 10th, 2021

The pandemic has thrown a whole load of challenges at both the education sector and the travel industry; plans to travel internationally with schools regrettably had to be put on hold due to the havoc caused by the pandemic.

Who would have thought when we were were sat here nearly a year ago we would be having to close the doors on 2021 February half term ski trips going ahead? Not a scenario many of us would have considered, but the pandemic has forced the hand of many groups who have now had to move their plans to 2022. The knock on effect of this is that we are already seeing allocations in main school ski resorts filling up prior to the natural surge in 2022 enquiries which we expect to start seeing increase following this half term.

Couple this with the beginnings of a much reported successful vaccine roll out and we are certainly on a positive path towards the worlds doors re-opening.

Our team are in daily dialogue with a whole host of teachers who are all making no secret of the fact that they don’t want their school and students to miss out on another year on the slopes.

Gemma Howell, Rayburn Tours Senior Tour Consultant comments “It’s more important than ever before for teachers to start talking to us sooner rather than later. Postponements of 2021 trips and the beginnings of a successful vaccine roll out means early signals are that demand for 2022 ski trips is going to be extremely high. Even if teachers don’t feel quite ready to launch the trip to students and parents, there is a real benefit in getting the detail of the trip in place and beds put on hold. Talking to us sooner rather than later, having everything agreed, planned and temporarily reserved means that as soon as you are ready to launch we can press go on plans and support you through the trip launch process.”

Get in early and let us help you start planning ski adventures for your students in 2022 – never have they needed it more!

Explore our resorts, then talk to our team on 01332 347828 or complete an enquiry form and together we’ll get on it!