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Zoom or Teams face to face meetings – we’ve got it covered!

Last updated: Feb 10th, 2021

Meeting teachers and parents in school, attending tour launch evenings and re-assuring Head Teachers face to face has always been a vital part of what we do. And then in 2020 we had to hit pause.

The pandemic has forced so much face to face contact to be removed from our daily lives over the last year. We’ve all had to embrace new technologies and apps, enabling us all to maintain as much of the face to face style contact we crave. Bring on the modern day Zoom and Teams meetings!

Whichever platform you’ve favoured, video communication apps have enabled us to maintain open communication with people from afar – and the magic face to face contact presents has been able to be maintained (albeit slightly re-modelled!)

Whether it’s been holding meetings with colleagues, playing a family quiz, attending school lessons,  or just supporting each other through tough times the benefits of seeing a face, sharing a smile and hearing re-assuring words has never been more important and valued.

And as the world re-modelled how we communicate with each other – so have we.

We don’t want our dealings with you and your school to be faceless. We want to meet you, we want to be able to re-assure you of our tour recommendations and we want to maintain those face to face comms that are so vital. Above all we want you to get to know your Tour Advisor and build a trusting relationship with them.

We’ve been holding numerous Teams and Zoom meetings with teachers and Heads of school and the feedback is that it makes such a difference to the process of planning a tour. So when you first make contact with us please take advantage of this and request a video call. It’s beneficial for all…

When you’re ready, we’re ready.


We look forward to supporting you with your future travel plans.

‘Team Rayburn’