Fun Christmas Classroom Resources

Last updated: Dec 15th, 2021

We know how difficult it can be to keep kids entertained, so we’ve put together some classroom resources. Some educational, some just for fun.

Santa Destination Wordsearch

Here is a festive word search you can print in colour or handy black and white version to keep the cost down.

Download Word Search



From the Santa Tracker Google games and tools, we have Codeboogie. This fun little game teaches fundamental coding practices while copying the instructor’s dance moves.



Santa Canvas

A festive-themed paint and drawing canvas with a plethora of paintbrushes, pens, stickers, and stamps to be creative. How about a best Christmas scene draw off?



Youtube Musical Instruments

There is a channel that has painstakingly added dozens of instruments and matched the video so you can play different notes with number keys 0-9.

Here is the link to all instruments:



Christmas Translations

All the common Christmas & seasons greetings are translated into languages from all over the world. Make sure to use some earphones or speakers to hear Google translate do its thing.