What is Earth Day?

Last updated: Apr 18th, 2023

You’ve probably heard of the day before (after all, it’s been going for over 50 years!), but what is Earth Day exactly?

Read on and find out.

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Who Founded Earth Day?

Wisconsin junior senator Gaylord Nelson was spurred into action off the back of a huge Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969.

He sat down with Congressman Pete McCloskey and young activist Denis Hayes to chat about how they could craft a message to raise awareness of protecting our planet.

And they announced the first Earth Day on 22nd April 1970.

Why the 22nd April?

Nelson felt ‘teach-ins’ on college campuses would spread the message to young, receptive minds.

So, Denis Hayes organised those gatherings on the 22nd April because they sat between American Spring Break and Final Exams.

This meant the chance of building awareness within student communities was amplified.

What is Earth Day About?

There are a few parts that make the whole, but basically, it’s about changing human action to help our planet.

Also, the project has several campaigns past and present that focus on aspects of reducing human activity to benefit the Earth.

How Many People Take Part?

A staggering 1 billion people are mobilised every year.

How Many Countries Celebrate It?

Over 190 nations across the world engage with the day.

What’s Happening on Earth Day 2023?

The message is a restrengthening of the views of the world’s largest environmental movement.

So, Earth Day 2023 aims to re-tackle 6 main areas, like climate literacy, planting trees and a global clean-up.

What Can You do to Save Your Earth?

Whether little or large, there’s a bucket load of things you can do to help your planet.

You can limit your single-use plastic, cut-down on your paper consumption and – if you can – reduce your commutes to work.

What Have We Done to Help Earth?

We’ve installed solar panels, use electric vehicles, hybrid work and much more to reduce our carbon footprint.

You can check it all out over on your Sustainability Hub.

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