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Author:Christopher Lee

The black glacier!

This really was geography in action for our students. We were all fitted with crampons and given ice axes (sorry Mrs Slattery). We headed off to hike up this wonder of nature. We saw crevasses,...

Life’s a beach

To end the day we drove to the black sands of Reynishverfi. A beautiful location with an abundance of impressive geographical features to admire.

Day Three – will we get to see the Northern Lights?

We’ve just had a hearty breakfast to set us up for another jam packed day of sightseeing, activities and learning. The forecast for the northern lights is very good for tonight –...

Saturday School

Always time for for a bit of geography work even if it is Saturday morning!

Smelly mud puddles

Krysuvik is a geothermal area of Iceland in the middle of the mid-Atlantic ridge. Students enjoyed the eggy aroma of the sulphur springs.

Mamma Mia Pizzeria

Although there is no photo evidence for this, students (and staff) enjoyed unlimited supplies of fizzy drinks and pizza! Some the boys managed an impressive seven slices!!!


The Strokkkkur geysir erupts every 6-8 minutes. There were some cold hands waiting for that money shot! The suspense was killing us.

Gulfoss Waterfall

The golden waterfall – spectacular! But still freezing!!

Day two!!

We’ve caught up on some sleep and are now ready for another big day of sightseeing and activities. First stop Seljalandfoss waterfall – where we can walk behind it!!


Our day started at the magnificent Saljalandfoss waterfall. It was incredible but due to the very icy conditions we were unable to walk behind it. Well worth the visit Nonetheless.  


What an incredible story from the family that got caught in the middle of this eruption. For most people they only think of the impact on European flights. The family living at the foot of the...

We found the end of the rainbow

At the impressive Skogafoss waterfall we saw a full rainbow – but sadly there was no pot of gold. We scaled the steep steps to get the view from the top really challenging some students to face...