Concert Tours to
Hong Kong & China

Concert Tours to
Hong Kong & China

Enter a world of colourful traditions, diverse neighbourhoods and temple-topped mountains on a concert tour to Hong Kong & China.

Where old-world customs fuse with futuristic cityscapes, Hong Kong and China offer a concert tour like no other. From exotic temples and palaces to local schools and Disneyland Hong Kong, locals welcome groups with all kinds of repertoire to perform and experience all its cultural delights.

Whether you choose the delights of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai or Beijing and Xi'an, each promises a truly memorable musical and cultural experience.

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  • Host of hand-picked international destinations perfect for concert groups
  • Range of spectacular venues for all types of youth and adult ensembles
  • Highly experienced team of practising musicians, linguists and former teachers
  • We take care of travel, accommodation, excursions, venues, publicity and transportation of instruments


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