Concert Tours to
Beijing and Xi’an

Concert Tours to
Beijing and Xi’an

Enter a world of colourful traditions, diverse neighbourhoods and temple-topped mountains. Where old-world customs fuse with futuristic cityscapes, Beijing and Xi'an promise a truly unforgettable concert tour.

As China's intriguing capital, Beijing encompasses the real essence of the country and its fascinating contradictions. Whilst its broad streets are lined with beautiful palaces, fine houses and enchanting gardens, the city has reinvented itself many times.

At its heart is the huge Tiananmen Square and the once ‘Forbidden City’ – an immense complex of buildings to house the imperial court. Further afield you can visit the charming lakeside Summer Palace or watch the antics of the much-loved pandas at the zoo, finishing with the city’s famous speciality, crispy Peking Duck!

From Beijing to Xi'an, this city is famous as the home to one of the most astonishing archaeological discoveries of modern times – the breath-taking army of Terracotta Warriors buried to defend the Emperor Qin in the afterlife.

But the city has much more to offer the intrepid traveller. At nearby Banpo you can see the remains of 6,000 year old settlements, whilst the city still retains its Ming Dynasty city walls and defensive towers. The remarkable Wild Goose pagodas are over a 1,000 years old, with a lean to match Pisa’s tower. Shoppers should head to the bustling Muslim Quarter established by Silk Road traders, with its tiny craft workshops in narrow lanes centred around the imposing Great Mosque.

Experience all this and more on a concert tour to Beijing & Xi'an.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I talk to Rayburn Tours whilst out on tour?

    Yes, a 24-hour emergency phone number will be provided in your final documents pack and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to help with any problems you have whilst out on tour.

  • What does our insurance cover us for?

    Our insurance providers offer comprehensive cover to our groups for the duration of their tour and is tailored specifically for schools, with specialist insurance policies for individual tour types. As with any insurance cover, it is vital that you read through the terms and conditions and that you declare any relevant information as requested. Please see our insurance page for further information and to see what is covered. For groups opting to take their own insurance, we highly recommend that you read all inclusions and exclusions prior to departure.

  • Is all of your accommodation audited in advance?

    Yes, all of our accommodation is audited prior to us offering it to a group. The criterion of these audits is governed by the School Travel Forum (STF). It is important to remember that each country is governed by their own standards and laws and these may differ from UK law. However, we require our accommodation to meet our standards as a minimum. We work with the hotels and agents to endeavour to ensure that our standards are met.
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    In the event that your flights are cancelled or delayed by the airline, then the airline will offer us an alternative flight for your group and payment under the delayed departure section of your insurance would be applicable. EU airlines and carriers are subject to the EU Directive regulation 216/2004. Insurance policies do cover delayed flights and in the first instance party leaders would need to call the insurance company for further details.

    For groups travelling with our insurance (provided by Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd) we would be able to call on your behalf. Delayed cover through Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd entitles each person to claim up to £100, dependent on the length of delay, which can then be used to offset any additional expenses that may have been incurred.

    We will offer your group continued support via our 24-hour emergency phone; we will liaise with our contacts at the relevant airline and accommodation centres, if necessary, and continue to communicate with you throughout until your flight departs.

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