Proud Sponsors of Choir of the Year

Proud Sponsors of Choir of the Year

After our successful involvement with Choir of the Year in 2014, we were delighted to support the Choir of the Year 2016 competition.

A wonderful opportunity for choirs across the UK and Ireland to compete and perform at the very highest level, we continue to support and promote the ethos of this national choral event.

Not only is this an opportunity for us to be involved in the UK’s most anticipated choral competition, but it’s a chance for us to be a part of the continuing journey and development of the participating choirs.

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Why Rayburn?

  • Host of hand-picked international destinations perfect for concert groups
  • Range of spectacular venues for all types of youth and adult ensembles
  • Highly experienced team of practising musicians, linguists and former teachers
  • We take care of travel, accommodation, excursions, venues, publicity and transportation of instruments

What Our Customers Say

Choir of the Year 2016

Ten months, ten cities, 160 choirs and 5,000 singers – we were thrilled to have been part of the biggest choral event of the year for a second time.

In 2016 we travelled all around the UK to join a host of choirs as they showcased their musical talents on stage to compete for the enviable Choir of the Year Grand Title. The event encompassed a truly eclectic mix of everything that is remarkable about the tradition of choral singing, celebrating choral music in all its styles and opening up the window of opportunity to amateur choirs throughout the UK. From just six Grand Finalists, it was Voices of Hope from Newcastle who were crowned 2016 Choir of the Year.

As a ‘Friend of Choir of the Year’, we joined in the action and helped groups capture their Choir of the Year moment with our pop-up photo booth! A fantastic memento and a great way to share the buzz and excitement from every audition. See all of the pictures on our blog!

We'd like to congratulate Voices of Hope and all of the choirs for their wonderful mix of sounds, styles and singing!

The Next Step

Encouraging the ambitions of passionate musicians and providing them with special performance opportunities is at the heart of what we do. Choirs often tell us how beneficial it is to spend an intensive period of time together to both grow in confidence and develop as a unit, with a concert tour often being the next step towards progression.

We’re delighted that the Choir of the Year 2014 winners are touring with us to the Rhineland in 2017 and we look forward to working with more choirs who are looking to take the next step in their choral journey!

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