Husid Guesthouse

Husid Guesthouse

Húsið, Icelandic for ‘The House’, is a very comfortable guest house set within its own grounds and has recently been converted to accommodate up to 67 people spread over two houses.

Both can be used independently for two smaller groups. Thanks to its rural surroundings, Húsið offers beautiful views of the mountains and countryside and the Northern Lights appear more spectacular.

Inside, the dining and study areas are cosy with a range of games to keep students occupied in the evenings. It’s also within easy reach of Hvolsvöllur swimming pool, which naturally has its own hot tub – the perfect way to end the day in the Icelandic way!

Hotel Details

  • Fully audited to exceed the STF’s standards
  • Adheres to the health and safety standards set by our internal Safety Management System
  • Carefully selected based on its suitability for groups
  • Beautiful rural surroundings
  • Dining and study areas
  • Games
  • Nearby swimming pool

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will we have the accommodation centre to ourselves or will we be sharing with other groups?

    Sometimes your group will have sole occupancy, other times you will be sharing with both individuals and other groups. Please ask your Tour Consultant for more information about your chosen accommodation or other accommodation options in the area.
  • Does the accommodation centre have a room for study/a quiz/other evening activities?

    Our accommodation centres are well-suited to groups and most have rooms available for use in the evenings. Please ask your Tour Co-ordinator and they will be happy to confirm this.

  • Do your hotels comply with our Local Authority’s guidelines?

    All hotels are audited to standards set by the School Travel Forum (STF), this criteria is based on information and guidance from educational authorities. Whilst local laws and standards have to be taken into consideration, as they may differ from country to country, our standards do not. We are happy to provide copies of our hotel audits should you wish to see them.
  • Is all of your accommodation audited in advance?

    Yes, all of our accommodation is audited prior to us offering it to a group. The criterion of these audits is governed by the School Travel Forum (STF). It is important to remember that each country is governed by their own standards and laws and these may differ from UK law. However, we require our accommodation to meet our standards as a minimum. We work with the hotels and agents to endeavour to ensure that our standards are met.
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