Climbing Eldfell

Climbing Eldfell

Travelling by ferry to reach the island of Heimaey is an adventure in itself. As the volcanoes of Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull recede on the mainland, the archipelago of the Westmann Islands looms alluringly on the southern horizon.

In 1973, a major fissure eruption occurred here and a new cinder volcano, Eldfell, formed over a period of 5 months. To reach the summit, take a walk over the extensive lava flow that engulfed between 300-400 buildings. You’ll find reinstated street signs, indicating where previous roads once ran, now buried many metres under the lava flow. Individual plaques are also seen, bolted on to lava blocks, erected by families who lost their properties in these dark days and nights; all very poignant.

The summit area offers simply outstanding views over Heimaey, the Westmann Islands and across to Iceland’s mainland. Here, students will be able to appreciate and understand the 1973 volcanic event, the fight to save the town and its harbour and the benefits gained as a result of this eruption.

Finish with a swim in the town’s pool with its upgraded outdoor amenities, including a flume and trampoline combo!

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