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History School Trips to

The Battle of Waterloo is one of the most famous European battles. Even at the time, the clash between the Duke of Wellington’s British forces and the troops of the Seventh Coalition against Napoleon was known throughout Europe. Today, a history school trip to Waterloo allows your students to explore this significant part of British history.

After the long Napoleonic Wars, including the Peninsula campaign 1803-1814, Wellington and the European leaders believed that Napoleon was finally defeated and cast into exile in Elba. When the new Monarch of France, Louis XVIII, failed to create stability, Napoleon staged a comeback and entered Paris in March 1815.

The European Powers were meeting in Vienna when they heard the news of Napoleon’s return and immediately declared war once more. By the time the forces met in June 1815, all of Europe waited anxiously for peace to be won.

Let us help your students explore the key sites surrounding the build-up to the battle and the events of the battle itself on a history school trip to Waterloo.

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Curricular Links

The Key Stage 3 National Curriculum stipulates that pupils should study the history of Britain from 1745-1901.

A tour to explore the battlefields of Waterloo would highlight the themes of:

  • Britain and the Wars with France
  • Britain and Europe
  • France and Napoleon

Supporting topics and themes for GCSE and A Level include:

  • The Changing Nature of Warfare
  • France and the Napoleonic Wars
  • Britain and Europe in the 19th Century

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