Geography Tours Development Manager

Geography Tours Development Manager

Having been a geography teacher for 17 years, assuming her role as Geography Tours Development Manager at Rayburn Tours provided Cath Rule with the opportunity to focus on the part of the job she loved the most – enthusing young minds about geography out in the field.

As a former teacher, an experienced tour leader and an all-round geography enthusiast, Cath is fully equipped to advise you on the best destinations and visits to suit your groups individual learning requirements. During the planning stage, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your tour objectives with Cath who can help ensure your itinerary meets the educational needs of your group.

We believe every student should experience geography in the wider-world and make the most of the wealth of educational, cultural, social and personal benefits that simply can’t be achieved in the classroom.

To enhance the learning opportunities, we can also provide you with multi award-winning study resources for use in the field and back in the classroom, as well as an expert Field Study Tutor for that extra bit of input and guidance on tour.

Responsible for...

  • Ensuring on tour study resources support your curriculum
  • Training a growing team of experienced Field Study Tutors
  • Updating our award-winning study handbooks
  • Developing itineraries that nurture a deeper geographical understanding
  • From the first point of contact, offering guidance and support; ensuring all educational objectives are achieved
Cath Rule

“What better way is there to inspire a future generation of geographers than to share the wonders of the world around them?
For many, this is when the the theory learnt in the classroom suddenly comes alive and makes sense.”

Cath Rule - Geography Tours Development Manager

Capturing Iceland on Film!

Want to witness Iceland first-hand? Need to understand the depth of learning for students and how our study handbooks support these experiences? We travelled with a film crew from the University of Derby's Film and Media department to capture the wild and dramatic landscape of Iceland on film.

Experiencing the learning outcomes first-hand and hearing the feedback from both teachers and students  all against the backdrop that is Iceland  is a must for any party leader considering embarking on an international trip with Rayburn Tours.