History Tour Guides

History Tour Guides

Bring history to life with a History Tour Guide

Our History trips are designed to work successfully as independently-led tours, but we highly recommend that you opt for one of our specialist History Tour Guides who can help bring the historical events to life and really enhance the experience for your students.

Our History Tour Guides provide that extra bit of guidance by sharing their in-depth historical knowledge and taking the pressure off you as the party leader, so you can focus on supporting individuals or smaller groups.

Speak to a member of our team about integrating the services of a History Tour Guide on your next tour.

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A History Tour Guide will:

  • Have extensive knowledge of your chosen destination
  • Understand the potential educational outcomes of a site
  • Understand the educational and social needs of your students
  • Know the history of the period you want to look at
  • Work with your prior to departure and on tour
  • Be able to assist with logistics on tour
  • Bring your tour experience to life
Supporting you as a teacher

The role of a History Tour Guide is to support you as you take your lessons out of the classroom. As well as sharing their in-depth knowledge of the historical events with your students, they can also help with logistical arrangements.

Our guides know the destinations well and can help deal with unforeseen circumstances and make last-minute changes if needed. They know where to find a quiet corner at a busy site to talk to the students, they can bring a muddy field to life as an important battlefield and they can suggest alternatives to busy sites – something that’s particularly pertinent at specific times of anniversary.

Enhancing your students’ learning

Not only do our guides have extensive historical knowledge of each destination, but they’ve also been trained to deliver quality content that relates to the National Curriculum and what you’re teaching in the classroom.

Our guides can interpret events at each site in a way that only someone who has been there many times can. With their telling of the big picture and incorporation of the smaller human stories, they aim to captivate your students and bring life to the events of the past.

Although our guides are trained to work with young people, we understand that nobody knows your students as well as you do.

Students walking through the trenches at Sanctuary Wood in Belgium

We’ll put you in touch with your guide before you leave the classroom so that you can discuss your programme of learning, the level of involvement you want from your guide and ultimately create the best tour for your group.

Who are our History Tour Guides?

All of our guides are enthusiastic historians who are experts in the sites you’ll visit. The majority of our First World War Battlefields guides are also ex-service personnel, which means they understand (and in some cases have experienced) the reality of war.

These guides will not glamourise or exaggerate war, as they can relate to the real stories of the servicemen who fought in the First World War. They bring their understanding and experience with them and share it with your students, helping them understand the conflict from a new perspective.

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