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Welcome to our new School and Youth Concert Tours Explore Hub! Here you’ll find inspiration, advice, and plenty of tips in a host of articles and FREE teaching resources for you to read at your leisure. You’ll also find links to some of our top-rated destinations for your Youth Concert Tours.

Happy reading – and be sure to keep checking back as we will be updating this digital hub with all the new helpful articles we create over the coming months.

Lady playing the violin whilst reading sheet music

Things you may not know, but need to know about youth concert tours!

A concert tour is an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime, but what goes off behind the scenes? Our concert tour specialists ensure your tailored tour is perfect for you!

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Students singing at a concert as part of their tour

Why going above and beyond is worth every minute.

“I’m a full-time music teacher and I lead music ensembles in my spare time”. Whatever your scenario, you may be asking yourself “what’s in it for me?”. Now that is a question that is quickly quashed when you’ve ‘been there and done it’ so to speak.

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Fusion: World Music FREE Poster

Created in collaboration with Jason Andrews, Head of Music at Rednock School. This free downloadable poster educates and celebrates genres of music that are formed through a fusion of multiple influences.

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How to choose the right destination for your youth concert tours?

Feedback from our last webinar told us that the more common question people have when planning a concert tour is, “how do you go about selecting the right destination?” Here our team give you their top tips.

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Top takeaways from our concert tours webinar

Our last Concert Tours Webinar proved to be a resounding success, with all those in attendance leaving with a bunch of invaluable tips and takeaways from our panel of seasoned tourers. Here we share just some of the highlights we know you won’t want to miss…

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How to make youth concert tours more sustainable

As we all become more aware of our impact on the environment and the Earth, we’ve compiled some suggestions to share with your students to encourage them to make better choices as they learn to travel responsibly.

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The perfect insurance plan for you

The team at Rayburn have worked long and hard to find the right provider to be our travel insurance partner in 2022 and beyond. The safety and security of our groups out on tour is, of course, our absolute priority, and Aviva have certainly come up trumps!

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The Rayburn Machine

The production line to create your perfect tour!

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that when planning a tour you need one dedicated point of contact here at Rayburn Tours HQ. This contact knows your tour like the back of their hand and is there to answer any questions, help you keep on top of the tour admin and, ultimately, provide you with a first-class school trip. But they don’t do it alone!


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Destination Selection

As singers and musicians ourselves, we’re dedicated to creating unforgettable, international concert tours for youth and school groups. With a range of inspiring destinations and a host of venues to suit any style of repertoire, we’ll work with you to create a tour that meets all your musical needs, as well as let you experience the local culture at its best! So, without further ado, here are just some of our top picks for your next Youth Music Tour…

Feeling inspired?

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