Farai Khumalo - Tour Consultant

Farai Khumalo - Tour Consultant

Farai Khumalo

Tour Consultant, Educational Tours

Languages: Shona (local language in Zimbabwe)

What I enjoy most about my job: The fact that my tour will be embedded in the memory of each child that tours with us, as well as affect their career choice path.

Most memorable moment on tour: Having been to Iceland, I can say that everyone should be offered the opportunity at least once in their lifetime to visit this beautiful country. I enjoyed seeing how the power of nature has affected so many who live in Iceland, such as the vast expanse of water and how the locals convert it to hydro electric power. Having a swim in the Secret Lagoon was like having a bath outside - seeing the wonder of nature! And I really recommend the super jeep drive, a great way to get off the beaten track. Now Iceland is one I can tick off my bucket list!

Email : farai.khumalo@rayburntours.com