Zoe Christodoulou - Tour Co-ordinator

Zoe Christodoulou - Tour Co-ordinator

Zoe Christodoulou

Tour Co-ordinator, Ski & Sports Tours

Languages spoken: Italian, German and Modern Greek

Specialisms: Austria, Italy and Greece

What I enjoy most about my job: I love being able to use my language skills on an everyday basis! Whether it’s liaising with our hoteliers from the office or whilst accompanying groups in resort and helping them get the most out of their trip. A recent rewarding experience was helping one group organise an impromptu crêpe evening – and translating all 25 toppings for the students certainly helped keep my vocabulary up to scratch!

My travel bucket list: I've always been fascinated by Iceland and would love to visit – perhaps on a stopover to one of our USA ski trips!

Email : zoe.christodoulou@rayburntours.com