Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

We all understand the importance of completing risk assessments before any tour, but that doesn’t make the task any less time consuming. To support you, we can provide you with our Generic Risk Management Handbook which will help you complete your risk assessment for your school or Local Authority.

Risk assessments are available for all of our tours, however, for Geography teachers, we’ve gone one step further and completed Destination Specific Risk Assessments for all of our Geography trips. Our assessments identify the risks associated with the activities, services and facilities that make up our itineraries and provide control measures that you and your group can implement to help mitigate the identified risks.

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Depending on your school or Local Authority’s requirements, you may find that our risk assessments are sufficient and can be submitted as you receive them. A copy of the risk assessment will be sent to you in your booking confirmation pack. However, should you wish to receive a copy prior to booking, please contact one of our Tour Consultants to request your copy.

We also have individual audits completed on every accommodation centre we use, which exceed the STF’s standards and cover areas including general safety, fire safety and means of escape. We’re happy to provide copies of our hotel audits should you wish to see them.

Snowsport Risk Assessments

For ski trips, we can also provide you with a Snowsports Tour Management Handbook which identifies the risks specifically associated with a ski trip and provides control measures that you and your group can implement to help mitigate the identified risks.

In addition, you will also receive Specific Risk Assessments which cover all of our après ski events and will greatly assist you when completing your own risk assessments.

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Safety & Financial Security

When you choose Rayburn Tours, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands thanks to our:

  • Robust Safety Management System
  • Generic Risk Assessments
  • ABTA Bonding and ATOL Licensing

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