School Ski Trip Travel Information

School Ski Trip Travel Information

Your comprehensive information pack will be forwarded to you around ten weeks prior to your departure.

It will include all your trip details, such as your full itinerary with departure times, ferry times, arrival time in resort, day by day après activities, the hotel rooming list and the journey breakfast voucher (if applicable).

In order to organise all these factors, we will require each party leader to fill in just one comprehensive form covering each group member’s passport details and ski information.

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Why Rayburn?

  • Host of hand-picked resorts perfect for schools and skiers of all levels
  • Highly experienced team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable skiers
  • Dedicated Tour Managers for even more support and guidance on tour
  • Snowsport England certified SCO and ASCL courses
  • Independent Safety Management System Policy that exceeds the STF’s standards
Passports and Visas

A collective passport allows groups of under 18s to travel without their own individual passport, provided that they are part of a school or recognised youth group. All students travelling under the collective passport must be British nationals and the group leader must hold a full and valid UK passport. Group leaders can apply for a collective passport from all UK passport agencies and are advised to allow at least six weeks for your application to be processed.

All passengers with non-UK passports should contact their issuing office to check entry and visa regulations for the destination country. It is also important to check that the holder of the passport may travel through all countries en-route. Please remember that non-UK nationals are not permitted to travel on a collective passport.

Outbound Breakfast

If you wish for journey breakfasts to be added to your ski package, this will be organised for approximately 08:30-09:00 on the morning following your departure. The breakfast is made up of a continental breakfast and hot drink. The stop will be made at an Autogrill service station in France and your booking will be made and paid for in advance by Rayburn Tours.

Hotel Room List

A hotel room list will be supplied to you in advance of your departure date and you will be able to allocate your students as you see fit. Arranging your rooming prior to arrival saves time and speeds-up the check-in process.

Arrival in Resort

We time the journey so that groups arrive in resort mid to late afternoon. After a quick check-in, there is time to freshen up before equipment hire is arranged. An orientation tour can also be arranged for the group on request. The tour is designed to familiarise the students and teachers with the layout of the resort and main ski area. This can take place on the day of arrival or the following evening.

Issuing of Equipment

Hired equipment is usually issued and fitted on the day of arrival. This is particularly the case when the hire shop is near the hotel, but in an instance when the shop is away from the hotel, the fitting can take place on the first morning and the skis and boots can be taken to the bottom of the lifts for you in time for ski school. If your hotel isn’t piste-side, then ski deposits can be provided for your group.

The trained shop staff go to great lengths to ensure that boots fit properly and are comfortable, however, it is not always easy to get it right on the first attempt. As such, boots can be changed as necessary to achieve a comfortable fit.

Organising Lesson Groups

Experience tells us that the most effective and quickest way of organising groups is to leave the instructors to do what they do best. On the first morning, your group will be split into three – total beginners, ‘one-weekers’ and those who have skied more. The average group size is ten, although these can vary from eight through to twelve to accommodate different ability levels.

The instructors are aware of the need to move skiers up or down ability groups according to the rate at which they learn and, by the end of the first day, it will be clear if any adjustments need to be made.

The quality of the ski instruction in resort is something that we are extremely proud of and the instructors regularly receive fantastic feedback from our groups. The instructors are calm, patient and good-humoured and there’s lots of laughter during the lessons.

Instructors know the safety implications of teaching school groups and have a clear understanding on where and at what time the lessons start and finish. Progress from the start to the end of the week is usually dramatic and extremely satisfying for all parties involved.

The Return Journey (Coach Trips)

We depart resort in the evening, after a full day skiing and an evening meal. Departure is usually around 19.00 and the coach will travel directly to Calais, making only comfort and driver changeover stops on the way.

The return ferry is timed for the following morning. If you have requested journey breakfasts as part of your package, then a hot English breakfast will be supplied on board the ferry, having been booked and paid for in advance by Rayburn Tours.