RESORT OF THE WEEK: Tarvisio, Italy

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

At Rayburn Ski we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the resorts we offer and level of staff expertise available. This week, our tour consultant – and Tarvisio expert – Glenn Martin discusses one of his favourite resorts!

Which resort have you chosen for this interview and why?

I have chosen Tarvisio, as it is my favourite resort in the north of Italy.

An important factor for anyone embarking on a ski trip is the quality of skiing in their chosen resort. How does Tarvisio compare?

The skiing in Tarvisio is perfectly formed. At 32km of piste, it might not have the same amount of mileage as some other Italian resorts, but Tarvisio has skiing to suit all abilities. There are enough beginner areas for your group to perfect their skills and, for the most advanced skiers, Tarvisio offers the men’s downhill track which plays host to many International Ski Federations competitions.  

What après ski options are available for groups while in resort?

In Tarvisio groups are lucky enough to experience the magic of the slopes by night, with night skiing available weekly on Tuesday and Fridays from January 2015. Skiing under the stars with the bustling town of Tarvisio lit up below you will be a moment that your students will not forget! There is also a track for your group to enjoy a night on snow tubes and plenty of restaurants and bars in the town to host special themed dinners such as pizza night, or a disco.

What is your favourite memory from your visits to Tarvisio?

The highest peak of Tarvisio is called Monte Lussari and this peak is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. I like to just sit outside at one of the mountaintop cafes and take in the beautiful view. It really is breathtaking!

Does Tarvisio suit school groups?

Absolutely! I have been working with Tarvisio as a resort for school groups for many years. The resort offers a great balance of everything a group would need, from great snow to blue sky ski days. Tarvisio also offers the opportunity of securing space in sole occupancy hotels, where the standard of accommodation is to the highest level, along with great skiing and breathtaking scenery.

What are the other benefits of schools choosing Tarvisio as their next ski trip destination?

Located just two hours north of Venice, our flight groups have the opportunity to incorporate a city stopover into their ski trip. On departure day, groups will leave Tarvisio after breakfast and head to Venice to spend their final day exploring the beautiful city. Arriving into the city mid-morning, groups can spend the day enjoying a guided tour around the historic city before departing on an evening flight from Venice Marco Polo/Treviso Airport back to the UK.