Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

We’re all about supporting young people’s learning, which is why we take the time to create fantastic free resources for you to use in lessons and out on tour!

From our visually striking classroom posters to our popular Top It! card games (great for coach journeys), we invite you to download, print off and enjoy our free resources!

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NEW – The Iceland Series

It’s been a long time in the planning for us to launch an Iceland Series of resources for teachers. With individual packs to target both GCSE and A-Level teaching, we’ve got you covered! They’re designed to provide teachers with a wealth of practical aids to deliver Geographical teaching on a range of hot topics, using Iceland as an engaging case study.


UNIT 3: Climate Change – is now live!



School Geography Trips

Offering a wide range of destinations, we’ll take your students off the beaten track and provide even more support with our specialist Field Study Tutors and award-winning study resources. Because we believe the best way to learn is through adventure.


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School History Trips

By providing a cultural outlook on certain time periods and introducing new ideas, students will be able to explore and interpret evidence outside the classroom and enjoy a whole new learning experience. From the moment you start planning, you’ll benefit from our school travel expertise, curriculum understanding and destination knowledge.


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School Language Trips

A language trip will create long-lasting memories and a desire to continue learning. From lively cities to relaxed provincial towns, we have a range of destinations to suit all students studying French, German and Spanish from Key Stage 3 to A Level (or equivalent).


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General Resources



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