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We believe the best way to learn is through adventure, and an international educational trip will bring your subject to life like never before. Dedicated to inspiring young minds, our team of educational trip specialists have been creating unforgettable international experiences since 1965, helping groups to seek new adventures, embrace new cultures and learn new skills.

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Our Educational Trips

Our subjects in a nutshell

Geography Trips

Our school geography trips allow you to witness some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and understand contemporary geographical challenges, incorporating elements of physical, human and environmental geography. Offering a wide range of destinations, we’ll take you off the beaten track and provide extra support with our specialist Field Study Tutors and award-winning study resources.

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History Trips

Let your students ‘step into the story’ as you visit some of the world’s most significant historical sites. We know it’s those real life experiences that really stay with you, which is why our school history trips allow your students to make an emotional connection with what’s in front of them, whilst our expert History Tour Guides can provide even more knowledge and support.

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Language Trips

On a school language trip, we’ll take you deep into the cultural heart to experience the city at its most authentic. As linguists ourselves, we offer a selection of French, Spanish and German destinations that provide bespoke language tuition and let you explore all those ‘untouched by tourists’ areas, all the while capturing the true culture behind the language.

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If you’re thinking of taking multiple subject groups away on one educational tour, our cross-curricular trips are perfect for you.

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  • Classics
  • Religious Studies
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Art
  • Textiles
  • Food Technology
  • Performing Arts
  • Cultural

We also offer exciting, tailor-made trips for the subjects above! Whether it’s a science trip to Switzerland or an art trip to Venice, we’ll take the core objectives of your trip and build from the ground up, hand-crafting a trip that’s perfectly tailored to you and your students.

Field Study Tutors

Our specialist Field Study Tutors are here to share their specialist knowledge and geographical insight, helping to inspire your students and take the pressure off you as the party leader.

Tour Managers

A Tour Manager can provide on-hand support and ensure your trip runs smoothly, making your life that little bit easier.

Study Resources

Maximise the learning and teaching experiences whilst out on tour and back in the classroom with our multi award-winning geography study resources.

History Tour Guides

Opt for one of our specialist History Tour Guides who can help bring the historical events to life and really enhance the experience for your students.

Language  Tuition

Take your students’ language skills one step further by including bespoke language tuition from one of our carefully-selected chosen language schools.


Hoodies & Polos

Keep things simple and let us provide you with personalised hoodies and polo shirts!

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