This is what makes the USA special!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

I have skied throughout Europe for many years now and fancied a bit of a change.  I had been looking to get over to the States to see what they can offer in comparison, so when the opportunity arose to courier Derby High School & Derby Grammar School’s ski trip to Sunday River in Maine I jumped at the chance.


Upon arriving at the Jordan Hotel, the first signs of the American service levels became apparent with all keys ready and waiting. The following morning, after a late breakfast, we made our way to the base lodge for ski fit.  This is usually one of the most stressful times of a ski trip, trying to coordinate 40 children, however I am pleased to report that this was the easiest and quickest ski fittings I have ever witnessed.  The shop had laid out all boots and skis, labelled up for each child, with bindings set; this meant we were through in 30 minutes, a new record!

It was finally time to get onto the snow, and while it was a little cold, the sun was shining and the snow was great.  This was a sign of things to come through the week and the children were soon off in their ski school groups. Their instructors, Colin, Chuck, Debbie and Mike were not only a hit with the children, they were great instructors, and it wasn’t long before the progression was visible with the beginner group coming off the nursery slope by the end of day two. 


What do you do at the end of a hard day skiing? Well if you are at the Jordan Hotel you make use of the outdoor heated pool and hot tubs.  These were great facilities that the school enjoyed after each day on the slopes. We also enjoyed an evening snow tubing, which is a personal favourite of mine as well as a night out at a disco. 

Sadly, the week in Sunday River came to an end, finished off with Debbie’s group providing a synchronised skiing display, and a really nice a presentation by the ski school.  From here, we were off for an overnight stop in Boston to take in some shopping along Newbury Street and ride the famous Duck Tour.  Quack Quack!