Andorra – a hidden gem!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

At Rayburn Ski we think it is important that our Tour Co-ordinators, the ones who will be responsible for your tour after you book with us, know our resorts inside out. When Julie and Zoe, our Tour Co-ordinators, know the resorts, you know that your group is in safe hands. 

So far this year, Zoe and Julie have visited our Austrian resorts, they’ve been with our groups in Italy and Zoe spent part of the season in New Hampshire. Last week, they added Andorra to their impressive list of resorts as they packed their cases and headed off to check out some new hotels and suppliers.

Andorra isn’t on the radar for a lot of school ski trip organisers but Rayburn Ski Manager Mike Varley refers to it as “a hidden mountain kingdom with something for everyone. Unsure of what to expect, Julie and Zoe set off, keen to discover this small principality for themselves.

drive to airport
The road from the airport into Andorra

They were back in the office yesterday and they were buzzing about what they had seen on their week-long trip. From the moment they arrived, they had a great feeling about Andorra. “The drive from Barcelona to Andorra was just beautiful and when we arrived we were immediately struck by how suitable it was for school groups. The compact nature of the resort, the pedestrianised centre, the fact that everyone spoke English. We were impressed!”

Pedestrianised shopping in Andorra la Vella
Pedestrianised shopping in Andorra la Vella

As the week went on, they knew that their initial feeling was spot on. “The people we met in the resort were so friendly and helpful, and there is a great infrastructure in place to support school ski trips. We have seen some lovely hotels and we’re really excited about what we will be able to offer in Andorra.”

Watch this space!