Inspection Visits – The Tour before the Tour…

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

One service which we’re particularly fond of here at Rayburn Sports Tours, which we perhaps don’t shout about enough, is our ‘inspection visit’ service. Before we give you a breakdown of the details which make up this service, we thought it would be nice to explain the idea and concept behind it all.

Our inspection visits allow party leaders to familiarise themselves with our resorts, see our full hotel options and experience the excursions on offer first-hand. We understand how important inspection visits are to give a party leader complete peace of mind, and we believe that we are unique in offering this regardless of whether or not you have booked your tour. In short, our inspection visit is a tour before your actual tour!

As well as the chance to get to know the destination, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Rayburn Sports team who will be on hand to show you around and answer any questions. One of our experienced Tour Consultants recently accompanied Mrs Sally Overy, teacher at Kent College, to Sri Lanka so she could see the destination, hotels and excursions in person; laying to rest any questions or worries she may have had about the sports tour booked for next year.

The pair visited the hotels, excursions and sports grounds that the students will be visiting themselves in 2016. The benefits of the trip were soon clear, especially after Sally decided to switch a pre-planned excursion for one she thought the girls would enjoy more whilst in Sri Lanka – something that she actually took part in herself. Sally also admitted to now having a clear indication of the excellent hotels her group would be staying in and the sports grounds where they will be playing their matches.

“I loved Sri Lanka and can’t wait to get back!” said Sally. “It is so varied in areas from city to tea plantation to beach, with lots of really interesting sites to see. I would definitely recommend an inspection tour as now I feel really confident going out to Sri Lanka with a group of girls. If a parent now has a question, I can answer it straight away, which gives them confidence. I have adapted the tour to what will suit us best, not what may suit someone else, as I have been there and seen what is on offer. I also got to speak to the SL agent who had a vast amount of knowledge about what is on offer and the advantages and disadvantages of changes made.”

Our Tour Consultant feels that the benefits of inspection visits are there for all to see: “It’s a great opportunity for schools to finalise their itinerary and get a real feel for the country. Rayburn Tours pre-visit every destination and hotel before we promote them as a viable destination and I would encourage all schools to do the same – there’s a real benefit”.

Inspection visits can be organised at cost price to any of our resorts. All details and arrangements will be taken care of by a dedicated Rayburn Tours Trip Consultant. For more details, please call 01332 347 828 to speak to one of our Tour Consultants.