STF Survey – Skiing trips in UK Schools

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The latest teacher survey on ‘Skiing trips in UK schools’ was published earlier this year by the STF which makes extremely interesting reading for Tour Operators and Tour Organisers alike. Did you know what the most popular destination was for ski trips in 2015? Are you aware of the most important factors schools consider before booking a ski trip? The answer to these questions and more will all be revealed…

The overwhelmingly positive information to come out of the survey is that the proportion of respondents indicating that their school runs a skiing trip is higher than it was in 2014. An encouraging response for the future of skiing as a whole and one we were delighted to see.

According to the results, schools going on ski trips annually have increased from 43.3% to 53% from this year to last – and with the popularity of our ski packages increasing year after year, this is a trend which we can whole heartedly relate to.

Another interesting statistic was the fact that schools organising a ski trip between November 2014 and May 2015 had increased from 75% in 2014 to 78.9% 2015. So what does this mean for you as a customer? Well the good news is that there will be plenty of options available for early bookers, with a high standard of resorts and excursion options. All in all it means that the skiing community will thrive – which can only be a positive for everyone!

The most popular destination, as per 2014, was Austria with 34% of the vote. With beautiful traditional accommodation, friendly ski instructors and a good variety of pistes, it’s clear to see why Austria has led the way in recent votes during the past few years, especially when you look further into resorts such as Axamer Lizum or Ziller Valley – two real gems which we recommend checking out on our website.

We have always been a great supporter of Italy as a great skiing destination, so we were delighted to see it rise from 3rd most popular destination of 2014 to 2nd of 2015. With resorts such as Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere and Tarvisio perfectly suited for school ski tours, we hope to see the popularity of Italy continue to grow within the school ski market, and will continue to promote the best resorts the country has to offer here at Rayburn Tours.

The 3rd destination on the list, and dropping a place from the 2014 survey, is France, with 16% of the vote. Coincidently, France is generally more costly than the other destinations mentioned, however, due to its cultural delights, high altitude resorts, glacier skiing and new, affordable accommodation, France is a great option for those looking for a ski trip that bit closer to home where budget isn’t an issue.

Unsurprisingly, as per 2014, the most important factor when selecting a resort for a school ski trip is “Suitability for school groups” with 70.2%, followed by “Good facilities for beginners” with 64.9% and “Cost” with 63.8%. With over 50 years’ experience in the school travel industry, and a team of skiing enthusiasts that have visited 100% of our resorts, we at Rayburn Tours understand that each school is different which is why we have a range of quality ski resorts worldwide suited for all types of groups.

At Rayburn Tours your Tour Consultant is the encyclopaedia of ski – not just on what Rayburn has to offer, but on lots of other resorts too – just take a look at our customer service ratings! Did we mention the team are also avid skiers themselves? They know what works and what doesn’t, so if you’re a prep school or a sixth form college, budget-driven or free to explore, they’ll be able to propose the destinations that work for your group. They’ll also tailor your trip, taking a standard list of inclusions and adding lessons or reducing the duration – whatever it takes to ensure you get the right trip. With services like this, you can now start to understand why a whopping 93.5% of school ski trips are organised by a specialist school ski trip operator!