Team Tarvisio – A Sled-Load of Snow

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Sunday 14th February 2016

Snow, snow and even more snow – it’s fair to say that Tarvisio is a blanket of pure white after today’s downpour. Whilst this only made the resort look even more stunning (and our groups even more elated), it did pose some serious questions for the film team…

What’s the best way to keep a film camera dry in torrential snow conditions? An umbrella, masking tape and some quick thinking from the Derby University film students!

Although the snow did make filming tricky, we were still able to grab some incredible shots, beginning our day with a visit to the chapel at the top of Monte Lussari – a simply stunning venue which needs to be seen to be believed.

We then drove over to have lunch with the new groups who had arrived on resort  Westlands School, The North School, Immanuel College and Wigmore High School  and did some quick interviews with the pupils covering all the ‘essential’ topics – like what is your favourite pasta?

Camera ready!
Our ‘honorary’ ski rep. He’s a little frosty, but seems popular with the groups!

After lunch, we decided to once again hit the slopes and conduct some more interviews with both party leaders and pupils alike as they began their afternoon ski session.

As the bad weather continued, we were saddened to hear that the night’s planned après ski activity of ice skating had been cancelled due to hazardous driving conditions. But spirits were soon high again when it meant another sledging session (which meant another great filming opportunity!).

Great fun  and we even got to have a few gos ourselves! GoPro selfie action shots to come later in the week.

Once the darkness descended across the mountains, we packed up for the day and made our way back to the hotel, scoffed down some dinner and awaited the arrival of our final group. We’re hoping for a little less snowfall tomorrow (said no one but us!) so we can fully showcase the resort at its blue-skied, sun-drenched, snowy best.