3 benefits of an Easter Ski Trip

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Here at Rayburn Tours, we’re big believers in the Easter Ski Trip, and here’s 3 reasons why you should be too…

1. Prices are lower
Depending on when Easter falls, this is not usually a peak period so prices tend to be cheaper. In some resorts lift pass prices are even reduced, meaning extra savings on your bookings. We also have some special offers for Easter 2018 Ski Trips, which you can find here.

2. It’s Sunnier!
Not only do you have longer days (meaning more skiing) but you can also reduce the amount of layers of bulky ski clothing you have to wear. Win-win!

3. Clear Blue Skies
Obviously we cannot guarantee this one, but chances are you will see some lovely ocean-like skies during the Easter period. The result? Picture perfect views like this…

To find out more about which destinations are great for Easter 2018, please get in touch with our Ski experts on 01332 347 828 or visit our website.