Helping you get qualified

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We don’t just offer high quality school ski trips, we can help aspiring ski trip leaders get qualified with our Snowsport England certified SCO courses.

In compliance with school requirements, the Snowsport Course Organiser (SCO) certificate provides you with all the key information you’ll need to lead a ski trip abroad, as well as giving you the confidence to do it!

Based at our office in Derby, our SCO courses are held every November. Get in touch to find out more about the course and sign up!

Following our SCO course this Saturday, we were delighted with the positive feedback we received.

100% of teachers who attended the SCO Course said they would recommend the course to a fellow teacher

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Teachers who attended the SCO Course this year rated their overall experience as 4.7/5


Really useful course. Great to get information from an experience person. Also good opportunities for sharing good practice.

Why take the SCO Course?

The SCO course is now a mandatory requirement in some schools and is soon to be mandatory in others. Equipping party leaders with vital information about trip requirements and policies, it is becoming increasingly common for schools to request that teachers gain the qualification before leading a trip.

As well as being a pre-requisite in some cases, feedback from the teachers who attended the course also outlined a desire to gather good guidance to become more confident when out on the slopes. It’s a great idea for first-time party leaders as the course gives you a really good understanding of everything you need to be aware of.

Plus, it’s an additional qualification!

I haven’t led a trip previously and knew the information would be vital.

What will you gain from taking the course?

You will receive clarification on the key components of running a ski trip and through sharing good practice with other teachers, you will gain new ideas to implement on your trip. You’ll build confidence knowing that you are equipped with all the necessary information and it’s also a great opportunity to meet the Rayburn Tours ski team!

I gained lots from the course! Very informative highlighting key things to remember and look out for. Good discussion and anecdotes from other leaders.

I gained knowledge of organisation that I hadn’t thought of before, including policies and important info for students and parents.

I gained lots of good little tips to make our already successful ski trips even better.

How can you implement what you learn on the course into the organisation of your ski trip?

With an awareness of all the boxes you need to tick and guidance in ‘ongoing’ risk assessment, you will be able to confidently create a thorough and robust plan for your ski trip.

Greater organisation and confidence doing the right thing considering all possibilities.

Teachers who attended the course this year expressed that they were also keen to share what they had learnt with other staff members in their school.

Want to sign up for the next SCO Course?

Call our team on 01332 347 828 to sign up or visit our website for more information.